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From the Eyes of a Dishwasher


Learn the truth about self-worth, and that title does not define who you are, but your work ethics is your one and only true witness on the witness stand of self-examination for you to see what your value is. This book places you in an environment that most people would rather bypass or remain silent about only because it is not in high demand nor is it considered a job of honor. Contrary to popular belief, if this job and others like it were of none impotance, then it wouldn’t exist. From The Eyes of A Dishwasher is a testimony from the author of how you can gain respect and appreciation for every job that you set out to do. Sometimes problem-solving becomes your job; and “like a boss” you forge your way through circumstances and life in general. Anticipate the good, and the best of the better will come. Nothing but the best in everything while you live. Blessings!

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